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HEMDental - Product overview

A promising therapeutic solution for the treatment of periodontitis

Currently in development, HEMDental-Care® targets periodontitis, a common periodontal disease caused by bacteria that is the primary cause of tooth loss

Serious periodontal diseases were the eleventh most common diseases in the world in 2016.1

Periodontitisalso has consequences outside the oral cavity. Untreated, it can also have repercussions on the patient’s general state of health; these bacteria can enter the blood stream where they are circulated throughout the body. Periodontitis can therefore be associated with severe chronic systemic diseases, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, worsening diabetes and even an increased risk of cancer.

Current periodontitis therapy essentially consists of partial mechanical cleaning of infected surfaces, supplemented by antibiotic therapy, the long-term use of which may be problematic (resistance/allergic reactions to antibiotics and potential increase in the risk of colorectal cancer). Therefore, our marine hemoglobin-based technology, coupled to a hyaluronic acid gel, can be beneficial in periodontitis treatment. The device currently under development will be capable of delivering oxygen and specifically targeting the microorganisms involved in this pathology without disrupting the oral microbiota.

“New dental health application for Hemarina’s M101 molecule published in Scientific Reports research journal” Press release

Presentation of HEMDental-Care® collaborative project (Click to open the PDF file)

 HEMDental-Care® is available for sale upon request of health professional.

1. WHO – Oral health – 24 September 2018

HEMDental-Care® : Related Publications

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