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HEMBoost® A breakthrough innovation in the production of microorganisms Fermentation is a process widely used in the pharmaceutical and food

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HEMDental-Care® A promising therapeutic solution for the treatment of periodontitis Currently in development, HEMDental-Care® targets periodontitis, a common periodontal disease

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HEMHealing® THE OXYGENATING DRESSING Currently in development, HEMHealing® Universal Dressing is a novel therapeutic solution for the treatment of chronic

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HEMO2life® instructions for use user manual ADDITIVE TO HYPOTHERMIC GRAFT PRESERVATION SOLUTIONS The annual number of transplants is broadly constantly

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HEMOXCell® The cell growth activator HEMOXCell® will be to cell culture what Taq polymerase has been to molecular biology and

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HEMOXYCarrier® The universal oxygen carrier Currently, blood needs are greater than what blood banks can supply, and are constantly increasing

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