The cell growth activator

HEMOXCell® will be to cell culture what Taq polymerase has been to molecular biology and the development of PCR technology. HEMOXCell® is a unique technological solution for cell culture and the bioproduction of recombinant proteins. It not only increases the growth rate and viability of cells in culture, but also increases the bioproduction yields of recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies without changing the culture conditions.

The HEMOXCell® innovationallows a physiological oxygen supply to the cells in culture. Oxygen is delivered according to their needs, while protecting them from the harmful effect of free radicals generated by cellular respiration, thanks to its intrinsic antioxidant activity. Simply added to the culture medium, HEMOXCell® can be used under standard culture conditions and offers a simple solution to difficult to grow cells or simple yield problems. The immediate benefit is to have a large quantity of recombinant cells and proteins available rapidly under optimal conditions, without generating oxidative stress such as that caused by bubbling solutions. We were able to demonstrate its use in the preservation of mesenchymal stem cells and their growth.

HEMOXCell® is available for sale. For more information on the terms and conditions of business, please send your request to hemoxcell@hemarina.com

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