Marque Bretagne


A breakthrough innovation in the production of microorganisms

Fermentation is a process widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It consists in promoting and accelerating bacterial proliferation, and therefore lactic ferments, by means of a cell growth activator. The culture additive used in bioreactors generally comes from heme derived from bovine and porcine species. While it significantly improves bioreactor productivity, it can also pose a significant risk to human health (e.g. risks of contamination of bovine diseases/pigs and transferal to humans, such as epidemic of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) or prion diseases, characterized by degeneration of the nervous system).

HEMBoost® is an ideal disruptive alternative. The product, made from marine annelids bred in accordance with current regulatory requirements, is lyophilized to be in powdered form. The active substance thus obtained has antioxidant properties and allows in particular the preservation or even improvement of a good fermentation yield, accompanied by an iron supply and the maintenance of a good homogeneity of the culture medium in the bioreactor.

HEMBoost® has many applications: improvement of bioreactor bioproduction (increase in industrial yields), cell growth in cell culture media, animal or plant, and lactic fermentation performance on lactic acid bacteria.

In summary, the HEMBoost®solution has many advantages:

  • Natural, healthy and traceable origin
  • Respect for the environment
  • Performance