Marque Bretagne

The aquaculture farm

Located on the island of Noirmoutier in the Vendée (85), the Ferme Marine de Noirmoutier, with a surface area of 13 hectares, is dedicated to the breeding of marine worms for Hemarina’s own needs. The marine farm has 25 years of aquaculture experience and its activity is solely dedicated to the needs of Hemarina since 2018. It is the only marine farm in the world whose production is intended for the development of health products.
With the acquisition of this farm in 2013 and 2015 (100% ownership), Hemarina becomes autonomous in the production of its raw material. Its production capacity is estimated at 30 tonnes of marine worms.

The production respects the quality rules imposed by the pharmacopoeia standards.

le ver marin - ver arénicole - arénicola marina
Photo : Mathieu Le Gall

Since the Lugworm only reproduces once a year, in vitrofertilization is necessary for gamete production. After laying, the eggs are removed to the nursery for 3 months, then placed in the outdoor basins to ensure their growth. Once mature, the worms are purified by removing all the sand they have ingested, then frozen and thawed to create a hemorrhagic shock releasing their hemoglobin, which is then isolated and purified. .

The site includes five distinct areas with the following objectives:
– Water treatment
– Nursery
– Growth basins
– Packaging
– Storage

Arenicola marina: The marine Lugworm

Life expectancy: about 6 years
Size: between 5 and 15 cm
Weight: between 3 and 12 g on average
Reproduction: once a year