Biomimicry for health
Le Particulier Santé

Nature has had millions of years to evolve, adapt and survive. Today, it is an incredible reservoir of ideas for researchers looking for innovative materials or processes, including in the medical field.

The mosquito is beneficial: it invented the painless bite. The bear is a very good doctor: he has developed a therapy for muscle loss. The shark is a fabulous engineer: it has developed an antibacterial coating, capable of fighting nosocomial infections. For 3.85 billion years, life has been demonstrating its genius. For the past 3.85 billion years, the vCapacity to adapt to the environment and to change, as well as its unique and sustainable way of functioning, has increasingly inspired health researchers.ivant continues to demonstrate its genius. “Nature is a great library that we need to read,” explains Franck Zal, a doctor in marine biology and president and founder of Hemarina, a Breton company that has developed an additive to graft preservation solutions based on the very specific haemoglobin of the arenicole, a marine worm. “Nature abhors what is …